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September 18, 2013
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Hoshino Gakuen app: Koume by Tifareto Hoshino Gakuen app: Koume by Tifareto
EDIT: I GOT IN :iconcryforeverplz: yay uw,u so if anyone wants to rp with me and my awkward daughter just ask -she's a lil shit i'm so sorry jhgfds-, I'm ok with notes, skype and chat! I'm new in rp, please bear with me everyone jhgf

Ah this is my app for :iconhoshino-gakuen: I really want to enter :iconasdfghbeeplz:

Here's my babe's info uwu:

Name: Shinohara Koume (last, first)
Nicknames: Kou, Esmeralda
Age: 16 (first-year)
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O
Height: 1.55 cm
Birthday: November 27
Specialty: Drawing/Painting
Sub-Specialty (optional): Dancing

:bulletgreen: Quiet with most people, but wont shut up once you become her friend
:bulletgreen: She’s bad at speaking, when she’s too excited she speaks to fast and no one understand her
:bulletgreen: With a really “unique” sense of humor
:bulletgreen: Really unorganized, always forgiving her bag or her phone everywhere
:bulletgreen: Clueless, she’s always in another world
:bulletgreen: Stubborn most of the time
:bulletgreen: Derpy flirter, when she's with someone she finds attractive she will get really nervous and act in a really awkward way
:bulletgreen: Sometimes really rude if she doesn’t like you
:bulletgreen: Loves hugs but never is the one who hugs first
:bulletgreen: Loves animals
:bulletgreen: Bad with directions (she’s always getting lost)

Preferred Activities: Beeing outside, petting random animals, sleeping, eating, reading, dancing, drawing and painting, singing karaoke and watching bad horror movies

Likes: Manga and anime, junk food, Spanish food, everything with and octopus on it, all animals (even cockroaches or spiders), BL, getting scared (she’s that type of people who loves to go to scary places and telling scary stories), music (she has a really extended taste, her favorite genres are flamenco, classical music, and anime OST's), gypsy culture.

Dislikes: getting up early, red meat, people who talks to laud and try to get attention, USA, math, hot weather, getting lost (but always happens to her) when people gets too confident with her too quickly (she’s really picky with the people she call her friend)

Backstory: Koume is half Japanese and half Spanish, being her mother Spanish and her dad Japanese. She was raised in a small town in the Ryukyuu Islands. When she was 8, her mother and her dad got divorced and her mother went back to Spain. Her mother was a free spirit and the life in Japan didnt fit her well, she got the need to go back to her country, leaving her with her dad. Her dad got marry and had a child with her new wife, who is a really kind woman and treat her like her own child. Koume has been drawing since she can remember, and when she was 10 got interested in manga style, she kept practicing and had a normal life with her family. However, she never lost contact with her mother and decided to go to Spain when she was 13. There, she met her grandparents and the rest of her mother’s family, who were gypsies. She learned a lot of the gypsy culture and the Spain culture in general, and felt in love with it. After two years in Spain, her dad called her telling her she got offered a shoolarship for Hoshino Gakuen. She was reluctant about leaving Spain, but she wanted to show everyone in her country how beautiful this country was, and wanted to create an art style where Spain an Japanese culture were mixed.

:bulletblue: Esmeralda means emerald in Spanish, her mother gave her that name (because of the color of her eyes) and everyone in Spain calls her like that. She doesn’t like if someone who she just met calls her like that, because she thinks that’s a right they have to earn, and that name is really important for her
:bulletblue: Her brother name is Akio and they have a normal sibblings releationship, sometimes they fight but she loves him a lot
:bulletblue: Her mother is really outgoing and happy person, always smiling and likes to sing and dance a lot, while her dad is a really serious and awkward person who doesnt stand out. She doesnt understand how did they got married, not even how these two start dating, and everytime she ask one of them they change subject
:bulletblue: She has an strange obsession with octopus, if you give her something with an octopus on it she will love you instantly
:bulletblue: She loves to tease people in their sleep, its her guilty pleasure
:bulletblue: She has three piercings in her left ear and two in the right ear
:bulletblue: She's a hardcore fujoshi
:bulletblue: She can speak Japanese, Spanish and English but refuses to talk the last one only if its an emergency (she has something against USA)
:bulletblue: She doesn't like USA because everytime she has met someone from the state they are really rude and cocky, and she thinks everyone from there are the same I really want someone to make her change her mind because this isn't okay omg
:bulletblue: she's always tripping and have a really bad balance
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she looks so nice and did i already mention THOSE SOCKS? //slapped

also welcome in the group
and hope we can rp sometime O v O <3
Tifareto Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sdvjjra thank you!
And yes yessss lets rp sometime!
Your bby bis super cute too uwu
Art-Eater Oct 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
omg she's so cute *o* 

Good luck to us both~~<3
Tifareto Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AH! thank you so much! Good luck yes x3 I hope we both get in!
miyukio Oct 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
arghhhh she's sooo kyuute >:3 and she's in tsubaki! yay i need to finish my app lol and my oc is in tsubaki too :D maybe we can be roommates? lololol OTL //shot
Tifareto Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah thank you so much! :iconuhuhuhuplz:
Well she's not there yet! Who knows if she will make it, we hope both of our OC's make it! And perhaps they will be roomies, we dont decide who our roomies are, sadly D: but yes go and work hard on your app hun! Good luck uwu 
oh my gosh her design is so cute QvQ <3
just two things.
first off, why does she dislike the states?
and next, could you fix up the colours on the uniform? unless the cardigan is just another accessory on top?
(her socks are fine haha)
otherwise, everything looks great!
best of luck~
Tifareto Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah thank you so much :iconuhuhuhuplz:
Well, she's using the uniform that is on the left on the reference and the cardigan on the top! I could do an sketch of her without the cardigan! Is another color wrong?
Ah thank you! I'll fix the info tomorrow -RN im using my phone and wow i cant do anything orz- thank you uwu
of course bby <3
ahh i see! then no worries, it's fine XD
thank you for taking the time to make changes
good luck!
Tifareto Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh okay uwu
Ah no! Thank you for taking the time to tell me what to fix! I added the USA thingy on the extra! I hope everything is fine now uwu if its, I should send the join request with the link to my app right?
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